The abdominal region. The external muscles known as the Rectus Abdominus and the External Obliques that form a line at edge of abdominal muscles to lower pelvis.
After he jerked off he shot his load on his stomach and down his cum gutters
by Scott Barnes March 23, 2006
Top Definition
on muscular/ripped guys, the lines on both sides that lead from the hips towards the groin. the indention is the cum gutter.
after jacking off to completion, jeff admired his seed dripping down his cum gutters and back on to his nut sack.
by taint specialist June 07, 2005
When a woman is constantly sucking cock she might have cum gutters installed under her chin to catch the heavy flow of semen.
Man 1-"I heard Claire had cum gutters put on yesterday!"

Man 2- It's true! She gives so much head she needs them to collect all the man yogurt!"
by Cobbnobbler January 20, 2010
A person, usually a gay man, who loves getting cummed on or in. Sometimes by numerous people.
Mark went to the baths and got fucked by 40 men up the ass. They used him as a cum gutter.
by Jim April 04, 2003
Someone who is a cum suck that likes shit out of the gutter and is a slut, plush a trashcan licking man whore.
Jordan- Go fuck yourself, you gay faggett!
Bob- Shut your fucking face you cum sucking gutter slut, trashcan licking man whore
by Elliot VR March 17, 2003
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