The blurry vision caused by the ejaculation onto one's face
Blane couldn't see last night after I gave him cumgoggles.
by Niggersaurus December 12, 2008
Top Definition
When a girl uses standard laboratory goggles with the front part cut out to just have the outer rim of the goggles left. This is so someone can give a facial to the cum goggles wearer and have their eyes covered in sperm.
Man did you see that bukkake? That girls' eyes are drowning because of those cum goggles.
by Captain Benjamin Sisko December 13, 2006
Oversized stylish sunglasses worn by girls that could double for chem-lab safety glasses. Often looked upon as rockstar apparel.
See the cum goggles on that one? (speaking about a fashion-oriented woman walking by)
by u r f October 16, 2007
When you do a facial to a girl while she's wearing glasses.
Dude, I jizzed all over her face while she was wearing her cum goggles!
by Fed Ex Pope July 06, 2003
1. A slang term for over-sized fake eyelashes worn by some women. Named because of their uncanny ability to catch ejaculated semen that would normally get in the eyes.
Tanya: So how did it go last night?

Janet: All I can say is it was a good thing I was wearing my cum goggles or I would have had a hell of time driving home.
by bebeeboo July 14, 2009
1. Ejaculation on someone's face that resembles glasses, googles, or "racoon eyes"
2. Protective eyewear worn to prevent gettin cum in one's eyes
1. I gave my girlfriend cum goggles instead because she had gum in her mouth.
2. Good thing you were wearing your cum goggles last night...
by filthcradle November 21, 2005
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