1. The little bit of cum that stays in the penis after sex or mastubation, usually pissed out afterwards.

2. An ugly chick who gets a face full of cum.

"Dude, I totally blew a cum goblin in that bitches face!"
"You're such a cum goblin!"
"That bitch that gave me head last night was a cum goblin, thank god i was drunk!"
by kevin89 February 01, 2008
One who has eccentric tastes for cum.
Dude, wtf, you're such a cumgoblin. Get the fuck away!
by WarHawk August 26, 2003
Creature who gobbles mouth loads of jizzum.
Jason- What are you going to be for Halloween sexy-pants, a transsexual?

Denise- Nope, this year I'm going to be a cum-goblin.
by Christee Carter January 28, 2009

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