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Just as it sounds. Extra points when it runs down the sides of your mouth while you smile and say "ahhhhh".
I took him long and deep until he came in my mouth. I kept it there, met his eyes with mine, cum gargled and he actually came again.
by Kate Charlton November 15, 2007
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When, after a person receives the ejaculate of a man in their mouth, without swallowing, uses the sputum as they would mouth wash. Once the ejecta is in the back of the throat, the 'gargler' then provokes a flexing and relaxing of the throat muscles, whilst exhaling, which creates a bubbling milk-paste effect.
In scene #2 of Bukkake Love, the young Japanese adult actress Yuso Asso takes the male protagonist actor's semen into her mouth, throws her head back, and then gargles his cum in her mouth. This action makes Yuso a cum gargler.
by Robert Wicker April 08, 2009
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To force exhaled air through semen held in the back of the mouth, with the head tilted back, in order to clear the mouth or throat after performing oral sex on a male.
After she sucked me off, i told her to cumgargle and hum the song "when the saints go marching in" at the same time.
by justin koehler December 23, 2003
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