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After receiving a load of sperm in the rectum, the receiver farts out the juice which is then orally ingested by either parties or a third party.
Although Ayman wasn't an alcoholic, he wound up drinking a couple cum fart cocktails every night.
by imperial frog April 20, 2006

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A hot, slimy sperm load is cock
injected into a young girl's ass hole for added flavoring, and then noisily farted into the open mouth of her girlfriend, who eagerly swallows it.
I got the hot twins doing a cum fart cock' tail last night.
by Sleezy Lazzeee May 02, 2006
Plural noun of cumfart. This is where a chick takes several doses of spoodge in the ass, gradually building hydraulic pressure up with each arriving delivery (piston or bike pump like) and then expels the whole 'cocktail' at great speed and with a loud, long Bronx cheer.
"My god she's a whore. She reckoned she took the whole team and made a record breaking cumfart cocktail."
by Wizards Sleeve July 17, 2006