Desiree. A slutty ho. Quite literally the town bicycle.
Have you visited the Cum Dumpster today? I did and it got me the clap
by Frankiethesecond July 06, 2014
Any place where a lot of cum ends up. A funny and alternative way to call someone a whore. A part of a body that touches cum of often.
Definition 1

Boy 1: My room is so dirty cuz all the fappin i have been doin lately. My pillow and webkinz are like a cum dumpster now.
Boy 2: Thats fucked up.

Definition 2

Boy 1: Dude, that girl slept with 5 guys last night.
Boy 2: Woah! She is a cum dumpster!

Definition 3

Boy 1: She sucks dick every night bro.
Boy 2: She got a cum dumpster for a mouth.
by DumpinCum January 28, 2014
Any one that allows multiple men to cum in there mouth or on there face at the same time or at separate times.
Molly- I heard Cara a big slut. Hey Tommy meet me behind the bleachers after the game don't forget the towel an water.
Friend 1 - thinks to herself your such a cum dumpster.
by sexishay April 02, 2013
a person or object that frequently receives male semen somewhere on the body or object. also refers one who enjoys the act of gargling jizz.
Chuck: Kevin, you have got to stop being a cum dumpster and letting guys cum on your face. You're not the same person anymore.
Kevin: You don't understand. I like it. I don't want to stop because it makes me happy.
Chuck:Well, atleast wipe your mouth.
by eating contest champion May 03, 2009
a girl who fucks and sucks around and prolly swallows cum
i feel like such a cum dumpster i did like half the football team
by xxJadexx January 13, 2009
A Ho who goes out with numerous people consecutively.
"That Carissa girl is such a fucking Cum dumpster"
by Scaredsox November 08, 2008
definition:personalized dumpster where nastiest bodily fluids go.
cam was finally made VIP today for being donald's personal cum dumpster for over 14 years. too bad he's not here anymore and couldnt see it.
by accidental creation March 08, 2008

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