A girl who is an easy lay, who is often a drug addict, who men use only as a way to get their rocks off, having no other interest whatsoever than sex.
Pam is addicted to meth so bad that many dealers use her for a cum dumpster.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
A vagina that drips man juice for days after being ejaculated in during intercourse.
My friends husband was complaining that his wifes cum dumpster was still leaking for four days after sex.
by moss1972 May 18, 2010
FlameGirl... A person who is willing to spread her legs for anyone.
by CumDumpster81 March 13, 2015
Desiree. A slutty ho. Quite literally the town bicycle.
Have you visited the Cum Dumpster today? I did and it got me the clap
by Frankiethesecond July 06, 2014
Any one that allows multiple men to cum in there mouth or on there face at the same time or at separate times.
Molly- I heard Cara a big slut. Hey Tommy meet me behind the bleachers after the game don't forget the towel an water.
Friend 1 - thinks to herself your such a cum dumpster.
by sexishay April 02, 2013
A girl that guys just use to get pleasure out of. These girls are usually just a means to an end(ejaculation). A dirty slut that men only use to dump their semen into.
Jake: I had sex with Amanda last night.
John: I'm not surpised. Two of my boys hit it last week. She is such a fucking cum dumpster.
by Not Your Average DLT December 17, 2007
A man who serves as a cum receptacle for other men's love juice. A man who is used thrown out and kicked to the curb after being ass fucked and gobbling jizz. Or a name for an ugly unnatractive person who looks like they done been hit by the ugly stick one too many times.
1.Vitale is such a cum dumpster for other men's sperm.

2.Vitale is Michael's Cum receptacle. He sucks the juice right out of his balls and is then thrown to the wayside.
by CumeaterReh December 06, 2007

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