A woman/girl who takes an exceptional amount of cum in every hole from pretty much any man who asks.
Emily is way to hot to be a cum dumpster but she let the entire sports team bust there loads in her so she totally is one now.
by Micheal O'neil April 25, 2016
A really nasty girl that loves to have sex much like a nympho but a lot more dirty sex involved. She is often looked on as a slut that has way to much sex.
Jack: Gosh James look at her she looks really bad and really nasty.
James: Yeah she looks like a cum dumpster never have sex with one of those sluts.
by LickThese69 April 22, 2015
A woman who will receive anyones cum, especially if you are married.
She is an out and out CUM DUMPSTER
by CumDumpster81 March 13, 2015
A whore who is used for sex. A person you dispose your jizz on.
Did you really bang that cum dumpster?
by Noclone February 19, 2012
A vagina that drips man juice for days after being ejaculated in during intercourse.
My friends husband was complaining that his wifes cum dumpster was still leaking for four days after sex.
by moss1972 May 18, 2010
1. Word commonly used in reference to women who pride themselves on their unusual propensity to consume large quantities of jizz within a very short period of time

2. Also used to describe women with a "dick is dick" mentality.
"That woman is a cum dumpster. She can suck the chrome off of a bumper and has the pearl white teeth to prove it."
by Schot 22 February 05, 2010
A girl that guys just use to get pleasure out of. These girls are usually just a means to an end(ejaculation). A dirty slut that men only use to dump their semen into.
Jake: I had sex with Amanda last night.
John: I'm not surpised. Two of my boys hit it last week. She is such a fucking cum dumpster.
by Not Your Average DLT December 17, 2007
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