1. Word commonly used in reference to women who pride themselves on their unusual propensity to consume large quantities of jizz within a very short period of time

2. Also used to describe women with a "dick is dick" mentality.
"That woman is a cum dumpster. She can suck the chrome off of a bumper and has the pearl white teeth to prove it."
by Schot 22 February 05, 2010
A whore who has lots of sex and doesn't use condoms therefore her vagina is a place where any guy could cum in.
" Omg, did you see that whore back there?"
"Yeah, she looks like a real Cum Dumpster."
by Jay FoJangles July 03, 2013
A whore who is used for sex. A person you dispose your jizz on.
Did you really bang that cum dumpster?
by Noclone February 19, 2012
A girl which can be used as semen disposal unit, with multiple entry points, be it cunt, mouth, or ass.
How the hell does Harry not see that Christy is a huge cum dumpster.
by trololololololololololollololo November 09, 2011
anyone - usually female - who is used as a human receptacle for cum. so slutty that they're less than human - they're just a convenient place to dispose of your spunk.
last night, a bunch of guys used melodie as their own collective cumrag. she's such a stupid little cumdumpster.
by dwic December 02, 2013
A girl who takes numerous loads of jiz all over her body, from numerous guys.
Me and my buddies shot 7 loads on that Cum Dumpster
by jrd699 March 21, 2013
a person whom gladly disposes of semen by taking it in the mouth, vagina, anus, or any other opening in the body.

A cum dumpster will often allow men to literally shower her with semen.
Yo man! Mari is a straight cum dumpster! she's let you cum anywhere you want! hit her up! I'm sure she'll let you hit it! she's easy man!
by your one n only February 15, 2011

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