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one who sucks a lot of dicks and swallows the semen for favors in return
brian wood is a cum dumpster at the fire house
by ZzImuRDaDn1GAzZ June 22, 2011
203 154
One who enjoys having cum splurged in her mouth, then dispossing of it by swallowing.
"That bitch swallowed my shiz nizzle like no other."- Anton Campbell
by Da Craker February 21, 2003
56 18
a easy whore, a person who is a recepticle for a load. easy sex without strings attached.
I am feeling lonely so I think I'll find me a cum dumpster.
by bqdawg July 05, 2006
154 120
A woman that ingests a lot of sperm.
Hey, isn't thatJenna Jameson, she is a cum dumpster.
by Prion July 12, 2003
194 166
A promiscuous woman who is not choosy about her sexual partners and who allows most or all men who she has sex with to cum inside of her without protection.
She sleeps with every guys she meets. She is such a cum dumpster.
by arkark November 06, 2011
33 9
A slut, whore, et al.
Are you still going out with that cumdumpster?
by Mike Lehman May 25, 2005
135 112
Slut who loves different men's semen in her pussy all at once.
We all blasted in her pussy, God she's a Cum-Dumpster.
by Benny Hill April 19, 2006
29 8