the equivilant of paris hilton or a washed-up ugly whore
they were able to fit a cum dumpster through the doors of the big house!
by SoapSoup June 28, 2007
A total douche bag; a barnacle on the ass of society; will have sex with anything that moves, insuring that he will indeed reproduce and supply the world with miniature cum dumpsters that will live the same glorious life as their father, starting the cycle anew.
Lil' Meat? yeah, he's a total cum dumpster.
by BalloonMerchant March 11, 2009
Referenced as a sperm repository or a good name to call people while tossing salads at Sheetz. This word is commonly used with the word "Overweight." This is the word that has the most complaints against workers, usually workers namesd Caleb at sheetz.
Get out of here you overweight cum dumpster of a woman!
by muahahahahahahah September 11, 2008
This is another word for a hoe, a girl who swallows and puts out as often as she can.
Jackie is a cum dumpster, she swallows and takes it every night.
by jimbo1022 September 08, 2008
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