1. A girl who is highly inclined to giving blow jobs.

2. A girl who is considered a whore, especially when it comes to oral sex.
Damn, alyssa is always going down on guys...she's such a cum dumpster.
by Jacob Carter November 06, 2007
Any female that allows many different men to bust a nut inside their pussy whenever the guy calls her for a booty call. A human 'dumpster' for cum.
It's pretty obvious that Ferd is the only cum dumpster in the tristate area.
by pretty gurl swag March 06, 2011
when a women is a nasty whore who has a museum of semen in her vag
" what a nasty bitch, such a CUM DUMPSTER!"
by Creamy McNasty September 09, 2009
a chick that lets a bunch of men cum all over them
she took all of our nut shes agood little cum dumpster
by johnnie mack June 11, 2009
A homosexual who has a mouth that takes in an outrageous amount of cum, like a cum guzzler, but not to be confused with a jizz mouth!
LT. Miller: Did you see that rat eating ice cream over there?
CPT. Kip: Yeah, he was really going to town.
LT. Miller: Kind of like it was a penis placing it's load all in his cum dumpster of a mouth, Shalz is just misunderstood though!
by Ralphizzle January 06, 2009
a fucking whore that gets cumed in wayy to much.

And//Or:an insult.
kelly kangaroo is a fucking cum dumpster
by Tarakathleen December 29, 2007

the equivilant of paris hilton or a washed-up ugly whore
they were able to fit a cum dumpster through the doors of the big house!
by SoapSoup June 28, 2007

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