Synonym for whore. A woman who is sexually active, contains innumerable STD's, infertile, and lets the opposite sex cum inside of whatever hole they please.
"Dude, I came all in her mouth last night."

"Wow, what a cum-dumpster."

whore angry pirate donkey punch rusty trombone
by DirtyJWoods September 19, 2011
Commonly used for a whore or skank who loves to swollow cum (a.k.a jizz sperm)
Dude, that Tyler is SUCH a cumdumpster....

I know.

Just like that fag Ethan.

He is such a cock sucker.
(define cock sucker)
by HUntER&sARAh April 04, 2010
when a women is a nasty whore who has a museum of semen in her vag
" what a nasty bitch, such a CUM DUMPSTER!"
by Creamy McNasty September 09, 2009
one who takes in manny gallions of seamen anytime of the day
my ex-girlfriend took everyones cum besides mine. what a cum dumpster
by poopin a bag fag July 12, 2009
Luisa, some girl from ashland who likes to be busted in, and then have an abortion, and then likes to hook up with guys who have girlfriends, she's a cum dumpster, the town bycycle, on this note she's just a flat out whore
A girl who has alot of cum in her, is a cum dumpster
by Mr. george January 30, 2008
one who is a semen or sperm receiver of vast amounts
joanne swollows and has unprotected vaginal and anal sex she is definitely a cumdumpster
by Thomas Watkins January 23, 2008
A man who serves as a cum receptacle for other men's love juice. A man who is used thrown out and kicked to the curb after being ass fucked and gobbling jizz. Or a name for an ugly unnatractive person who looks like they done been hit by the ugly stick one too many times.
1.Vitale is such a cum dumpster for other men's sperm.

2.Vitale is Michael's Cum receptacle. He sucks the juice right out of his balls and is then thrown to the wayside.
by MikealR. December 06, 2007

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