A man who serves as a cum receptacle for other men's love juice. A man who is used thrown out and kicked to the curb after being ass fucked and gobbling jizz. Or a name for an ugly unnatractive person who looks like they done been hit by the ugly stick one too many times.
1.Vitale is such a cum dumpster for other men's sperm.

2.Vitale is Michael's Cum receptacle. He sucks the juice right out of his balls and is then thrown to the wayside.
by MikealR. December 06, 2007
someone who enjoys other peoples ejaculation.
Man Breanna Is such a Cum dumpster, She lets every guy blow their load on her....
by lucci721 October 22, 2007
Someone who is a monster slut.
That Squeak is a total cum dumpster
by Abe Lincoln November 09, 2003
Someone who has been used and abused by many males. Who served the male population as a dumpster for cum. A sluttly woman who doesnt care what men she sucks off and swallows.
Montana sucked and fucked so many men without a condom she was a total cum dumpster.
by Merrideth February 01, 2010
1. A girl who is highly inclined to giving blow jobs.

2. A girl who is considered a whore, especially when it comes to oral sex.
Damn, alyssa is always going down on guys...she's such a cum dumpster.
by Jacob Carter November 06, 2007
Any female that allows many different men to bust a nut inside their pussy whenever the guy calls her for a booty call. A human 'dumpster' for cum.
It's pretty obvious that Ferd is the only cum dumpster in the tristate area.
by pretty gurl swag March 06, 2011
when a women is a nasty whore who has a museum of semen in her vag
" what a nasty bitch, such a CUM DUMPSTER!"
by Creamy McNasty September 09, 2009

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