1) a PNRZ that shoots out crispy cream.

2) a dragon that, instead of breathing fire, breathes cum.

3) a PNRZ that breathes fire.
"Wait... this semen is fried! You have a fucking cumdragon, you asshat!"

"I will slay the cumdragon whilst wearing my semen-proof armour."

"What the fuck dude, my VGNRZ will be sore because of your fucking cumdragon!"
by AJ 187 August 06, 2003
Top Definition
When you ejaculate in a girls mouth and push her head down really fast so she chokes and all the cum flys out her nose.

I angry dragoned that bitch and cum shot our her nose
by Troy February 19, 2003
1. a terrible whore who starts coughing up semen for no perticular reason.

2. a person who coughs up semen in such a magnitude, that it permanently ruins a special momment, atricle of clothing, film or television show.
Jack:"hey stacy."
Stacy:"yes, jack?"
Jack:"i wanna ask you, will you...."
(Stacy coughs up another mans semen)

Jack:"fucking cum dragon, get your stanky ass away from me"
by browniepoint October 09, 2009
when the recipient of the art of the blowjob decides to upsmack the bitch with his hand on the back of her head at the point of cumming her brains out so as to incite that very spewage to come out her nose.
she wasnt sucking hard enough so i cum dragoned her
by Eddie V August 12, 2004
To ejaculate into ice cube trays then build a small sculpture of a dragon type creature out of the frozen cum
Fatty: Hey dude is that a semen sculpture of a salamander?
Dude: No you stupid chug, its a cum dragon
by Spandangler May 12, 2009
While recieving a blowjob. You punch the girl in the face right when you cum so that it comes out of her nose.
I totally gave her a cum dragon last night.
by XRT March 19, 2003
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