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The feeling you get after masterbating to nasty porn and then immediately say to yourself "what the hell am I watching?"
Oh yeah, do it, keep going, yes, yes, here it comes....ahhhhhhh. Holy crap this website is disgusting, what a cum down.
by Trotterbotterfofotter April 09, 2007
When you've finished having sex, look up, realise what you've down, hate yourself and demand that she leave.
So I shot my load on her face and it felt amazing, but a few seconds later the cumdown kicked in and I chucked her out the house and cried myself to sleep.
by ts9195 December 20, 2010
You're severely hung over. The only way to make yourself feel better is to have a wank. After you 'cum' you have a proper cum down and feel horrible having physically exhausted yourself and having been left depleted.
Crikey I feel awful. I just had a proper cum down dude!
by TheFlyingBadger April 15, 2015
The exact moment after climaxing.
"The cumdown was real after fucking Teresa."

"I camedown so hard after fucking , Sheresa."
by susmali May 13, 2016
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