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a rag used in the cleaning up of spooge
Jon left his cum cloth on the teachers desk
by mike January 06, 2004
A rag used to wipe up cum after a sexual escapade. Depending on intensity and residue, the cum cloth can be made of something as delicate as microfiber cloth or a heavy weighing, ultra absorbent beach towel. Some prefer the cloth to be warm and wet.
"It's a heavy load, Meg, I'm gonna need a cum cloth."

"Oh, Larry."

Who needs a cum cloth? I drop my spunk in the cum dumpster... that's what she's there for anyway!

You know what, fleece blankets make excellent cum cloths.
by Aww Snap! March 02, 2010
a item of clothing maybe a sock or towel which is used to wipe / absorb male and female sexual juices.
"Pass me the cumcloth babe so i can wipe my face"
by Johnny Boy Bridges June 11, 2007
1. a cloth used to clean out cum
2. same thing as a douchebag
3. a different way to call someone a douchebag
3. girl: god kyle, you're such a douchebag!
kyle: no, my roommate is a douchebag
girl: well then, you're a cum cloth
roommate: yes! cum cloth! that is soo your nickname now!
>>everyone laughs...except kyle, 'cause he is a cum cloth<<
by crock & s dawg November 02, 2006
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