1.Often happens after a female and/or male is finished getting skull fucked.
2.A pocket of air stored inside the penis after vigorous masterbation and/or sex which causes a bubble of cum to permeate out of the tip of the penis
1.After candice sucked my dick, she blew a cum bubble.
2.After i masterbaited a small cum bubble came out.
by Rossario June 25, 2006
When cum is leaving the penis but comes out to slow and forms a bubble at the head of the penis.
"He was going to cum in my mouth but all i saw was a cum bubble."
by Dante Smith March 18, 2006
When your dick is stoped up and you come a bubble.
It fucking hurt when the bitch sucked the cum bubble out of my stoped up dick.
by Dave October 24, 2003
When you cream pie a girl and she quifes
Cum bubbles are "Oh those cum bubbles taste so goood"
by TheCam18 September 04, 2016
A name to call your friends when they do something mean
Why did you hit me you Cum bubble?
by Jerkcircle June 28, 2016
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