An insult, used to describe somebody who's about as pleasant to hang around with as a bubble of spent cum.
Who the fuck invited this cumbubble to the party?
by Spike September 17, 2004
a cumbubble of hot steamy jizz
"hey hun, do you chew gum?"
"are you uhh, good at blowing bubbles?"
"baby, uhhh, do you want to blow cumbubbles with my sperm?"
by Fuckin' Artie May 20, 2008
After you do your friend's mom in the butt, she will fart and blow a cum bubble.
I boned Stacy's mon in the butt and when she farted she blew a cum bubble
by Dwight_stl November 09, 2007
An inflated mass of semen that is produced during the gargling of such fluids.
She burped up a mean ol' cum bubble.
by SonicShadow_12 July 07, 2006
Genre of porn (and event depicted therein) in which recipient of "facial" produces bubbles made of semen.
The cheergirl kneeled before the satisfied football team, showing her "team spirit" by producing cumbubbles and winking her gooey fisheye.
by Hrangil July 21, 2003
The reservoir at the end of a condom
Modern condoms are designed with a cum bubble to help avoid discomfort after ejaculation as well as to help prevent rupture of the device.
by The Prince of Frogs October 17, 2011
a bubble of jizz. a euruption of semen with an air bubble in it. a fisure of male bodily fluids. to cumbubble. a name for a complete fucking jerk. i think you get the idea dont you?
look in the mirror. when you call someone an asshole use this word! "hey cumbubble! come here!"
by shitkickinmutherfucker June 24, 2007
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