A sticky bubble that emanates from a quifing cream pie.
After I emptied my load in her love box, she quifed so hard that she blew a cum bubble the size of a beach ball.
by Booyah April 27, 2004
To perform a cum bubble can be done a number of ways, best example is: when you and you female partner are knockin boots you both cum and as you pull out she quiff(pussy fart) causing her to make a cum bubble
After me and my girl busted a nut I pulled out she pussy farted and I show her make a cum bubble ........ Then it burst....... What a mess
by mike fisher March 22, 2004
a bubble of cum
oh look there seems to be a cum bubble on my nose sedric
by ohnoyoudidant July 09, 2009
Bubbles of cum that spurt from the mouth of a talking woman who has given one to many blowjobs.
<Hexx> Shit that damn cumbubble, dawg!
<SunRubble> Pardon me?
by bastardized bottomburp May 24, 2003
A filthy whore or worthless person that plays with cum in his or her mouth, and producing bubbles of cum.
Your such a fucking cum bubble!
Derogitory insult, lowlife.
Get the hell away from me, cum bubble!
by Eric November 13, 2002
A stupid person; someone whose DNA (especially the genes involving brain function) was affected because their daddy was shooting less than quality loads when they were conceived (i.e., bubbles in his cum).
That cumbubble couldn't count to 21 even if he was naked.
by tommyama June 01, 2004
1.Often happens after a female and/or male is finished getting skull fucked.
2.A pocket of air stored inside the penis after vigorous masterbation and/or sex which causes a bubble of cum to permeate out of the tip of the penis
1.After candice sucked my dick, she blew a cum bubble.
2.After i masterbaited a small cum bubble came out.
by Rossario June 25, 2006

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