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a girl who has far to much sex resulting in her being full of seman!
I bet that dirt bird had sex last night!
yeah shes a total cum bag!
by mike January 05, 2004
This great word has a double meaning. It can be used to describe a used condom, or it can be used to describe a woman who gives a lot of head and always remembers to swallow!
"Dude, your mom is a cumbag!"
by JtothaC March 19, 2005
A condom or rubber may be referred to as a cum bag.
She looked a little slutty, so he wouldn't do her without using a cumbag.


They had safe sex, and afterward he flushed the used cum bag down the toilet.
by Centauriman October 26, 2007
a slut who fucks all the guys in school, then the next day is saying shes pregnet.
valerie is always cum bagging niggas at booker t.
by marii la prietta January 15, 2009
One time i was mad and accidentally called someone a cumbag
Instead of a scumbag
Its a more offensive form of calling a person a scumbag
In other words a bag filled with male reproductive fluid
My friend was being a little bitch
So i said
Quit being a cumbag
by eg94 August 22, 2013
someone with a huge nut sack. that you just know is going to blow some innocent chics head off.
Oh no girl, you dont want to go out with him. He's a cumbag.
by greg smith February 20, 2007
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