1.To squirt white stuff from your dick
2.The white stuff that comes out of your dick.
1. I degraded Becky by cumming on her face
2. I sprayed cum up Christine's ass
by Downtown Jimmy Brown July 17, 2006
just like a guys cum, but a girl squirts...

What a guys goal is in the middle of sex!

the best thing that ever happens during sex(from the girl)
Brittany said,"Oh God,Im fucking cumming!"

"oh you like that Cum, dont you"

girl says,"make me fucking cum for you daddy!"
by booboostick July 10, 2008
to bring a male off; to ejaculate
After making love, his cum shot deep inside his woman making her pregnant
by vulture3000 May 29, 2006
Career-Uplifting Move: When you do something gratifying for your boss or co-worker(s) that will likely get you promoted.
Pulling the extra mile turned out to be a real CUM for June.
by Nozem April 01, 2015
The white stuff that comes out of your penis
Evan and Jess were having a sleepover at his house and his parents weren't home. He pinned her down on the mattress and started eating her out while massaging her clit. She screamed with joy and felt herself getting wet. She shoved him against the wall, got down on her knees and started deep throating him. He felt himself about to cum but pushed her off and said "Baby let me fuck you like no one has fucked you before!" She smiled as she took off her bra and he rammed his cock into her and let out a big load to fill her up. She went down on him again and he felt himself about to cum. She put his dick in between her tids and he came all over them.
by EZa August 10, 2014
Finger and massage your vagina and white sticky stuff will come out. You'll see. That's called cum.
Tiana was bored and feeling horny, but she was single and had nobody to call up for a sex date. So she lifted up her skirt and began fingering herself, massing her vagina and moaning. ooh, it felt good...but suddenly white, sticky stuff came out of her pussy. She lifted up her hand, and looked down at it. Looks tasty...so she put it her mouth and swallowed, only to choke and throw it up. "Oh, I'm never gonna taste my own cum again...must of been those burritos.."
by The Hit September 08, 2009
CUMs out of your dick when being given hand or blowjob or during sex;sperm
i got cum all over my sheets lastnight when me and emma banged
by ohwerty April 20, 2008

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