what comes out the penis when u have sex
Sterling cummed all over Erins face
by Sterling York July 23, 2008
The Sweetest juice I've ever tasted. Sweet sweet fluid that cums out of mens cocks when they climax. It tastes so sweet or at times tasteless.
I was sucking on Ernies sweet cock last night and he cumed all over my mouth and tits. It tasted SO sweet.
by DAHMER_PUNX March 24, 2007
cum is when a man is about to nut
1.ohhhhhhhh baby i bout to cum
2.can i cum in yo mouth
by lachelle May 29, 2005
verb - to cum

1. Reaching the 'promised land'
2. Sexual nirvana
3. Liquidising your seed
Cletus : "Dude, fucking her wasn't the best part it was when...when I had a feeling that I had cum-"

*Billy-Bowden Interrupts*

Billy-Bowden : - STOP! STOP! Enough! You didn't only cum...but you reached...THE Promised land.

by cumminsslummins April 10, 2008
Bodily fluids excreted from the penis during an orgasim. synonyms (man nectar, man glue, jiz, and love pudding)
Jane was temporarily blinded when Jon shot cum in her eye after she sucked his cock raw.
by Anonymous August 26, 2003
Male or female orgasm
Damn girl, you best slow your roll or you gonna give me a case of the cums...
by cr todd & the pig February 13, 2010
1.To squirt white stuff from your dick
2.The white stuff that comes out of your dick.
1. I degraded Becky by cumming on her face
2. I sprayed cum up Christine's ass
by Downtown Jimmy Brown July 17, 2006

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