1. Synonym for orgasm
2. How weird and lazy people say "come".
3. The secret ingredient for a big mac.
1. I made cum in my pants!
2. Cum 2 my house!
3. I just love the cum in my big mac!
by Cummy worm December 05, 2010
1. Idiots' way of spelling come (no link, because the definition over is perv'd up).
2. To orgasm.
2 1/2. The result of an orgasm.
1. Cum on, Taylor!
2. Cum, on Taylor!
The highly nutritious liquid that women love... they just need to learn to love it!
Man: Eat the cum...pleease
Girl: Okay then!
by Jerk-off Pro June 09, 2012
something a guy does way before the woman has a chance too. usually during sex sometimes not even that.
guy- i know this is weird but u just made me cum in my pants

girl- gross dude
by something spectacular July 05, 2009
a substance that everyone (even guys) love....like me i like it sooooooo much...
when two men are "sexually" active, when they are aroused it cums out.
by chester the melester January 10, 2008
1. english (prep.) - "with"
2. latin (prep.) - "with"
3. latin (conj.) (also quum, quom) - "with, when, while, because, although, since, &c"
4. english (slang n.) - "semen"
5. english (slang v.) - "to ejaculate"
6. english (slang v.) - "come"
i wanted to cum cum meretrice, sed cum i just couldn't hold it anymore, i came. She said "cum on! cur non meae manebat?!"
by joe n April 06, 2006
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