A milky tear that is shot from a mans penis when he ejaculates it also tastes salty
Callum came(past tense) into amys mouth and some excess cum dripped down her chin
by DaveTheBinman August 12, 2013
A liquid supplement rich in protein that your Boy/Girlfriend manually extract from a male via blowjob.
He/She's probably swallowing some cum right now.
by malena.morgan. May 14, 2013
1. Idiots' way of spelling come (no link, because the definition over is perv'd up).
2. To orgasm.
2 1/2. The result of an orgasm.
1. Cum on, Taylor!
2. Cum, on Taylor!
Cum is the whitish fluid that comes out of the vagina or penis. Cum is formed when one person reaches an orgasm, also called the climax.

Men and Boys: Boys are more likely to cum easier. It doesn't take long. Most of the time, a male's cum is a sticky, hot, fluid that melts into a soft substance.

Women and Girls: Since girls have a more complicated body, it's rarely a girl will cum. If she does, it's a very small amount. Extreme stimulation in the clitoris and vagina will help create more. If a women does cum, it will be more fluid, watery like.
"Ah shit! I think I'mma cum!"
"Ugh, I can't cum babe.".
by BrAcEs&BrOkEnCoNdOms January 03, 2012
Dude once that sciggly thing hit her egg you are screwed
Jack , i'm cumming i'm cumming!!!!!!!!! Heidi, Jack Jack fuck me fuck me !!!!!!!!!!!!!! several months later Heidi, jack I've got some bad news i'm pregnant
by Labatiste June 25, 2011
1. Get a hand lotion and an egg
2. Mix hand lotion with egg white
You will see what I mean.
This looks real! Some porns use it when they are short of cum.
by Tomian December 29, 2009
The nut juice that pimps blast down a hookers esophigus.
She was down for a fuck and a mouth full of cum! It was on her face, her neck and chest, and we're sorry to say, "There's no suspect!". When I saw that, my brain clicked, I busted a nut and killed the bitch!
by CoreyW420 November 05, 2007

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