1. When a guy gets HEAD from a girl or guy and dis white sweet thick juice flows from his dick
2. When a girl gets her PUSSY ate out by a guy or a girl and thick white jucie comes out of her
1.I give this dude a blow-job and i pulled away before he cum(med) so he could could com allover my C-cup tits!!!!!!
2.When dis dude i know wanted to be more than friends he wanted to lick the sweet juice from my pussy and i cummed so much dat after he licked suck and darted his tounge soo much dat he ate me dry!!!!
by stick it in make me wet July 29, 2007
The white stuff that comes out of your penis
Evan and Jess were having a sleepover at his house and his parents weren't home. He pinned her down on the mattress and started eating her out while massaging her clit. She screamed with joy and felt herself getting wet. She shoved him against the wall, got down on her knees and started deep throating him. He felt himself about to cum but pushed her off and said "Baby let me fuck you like no one has fucked you before!" She smiled as she took off her bra and he rammed his cock into her and let out a big load to fill her up. She went down on him again and he felt himself about to cum. She put his dick in between her tids and he came all over them.
by EZa August 10, 2014
What happens after a good fuck
The best orgasm
a release of fluid (sperm, vagina fluid)
male: give me a blow job till i cum sperm all over you.
female: give me a palm job till i spasm and cum.
by naughtygirl November 17, 2013
Slang version of "come." Used via text or on the Internet
"R u gonna cum over???"
by Yoyoyo6800 September 16, 2013
She drank my cum.
by The_King_of_Tacos February 19, 2015
A slang term which refers to semen. Alternatively, the term is used to refer to the act of ejeculation itself.
Male pornstars cum after or during sex.
by Cainman September 09, 2013
Cum comes out of a male's penis after rapid motion over it either with his hand or in a vagina
You sooooo didn't just CUM on me
by TheoneandonlyIIII April 26, 2010

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