Cum is the whitish fluid that comes out of the vagina or penis. Cum is formed when one person reaches an orgasm, also called the climax.

Men and Boys: Boys are more likely to cum easier. It doesn't take long. Most of the time, a male's cum is a sticky, hot, fluid that melts into a soft substance.

Women and Girls: Since girls have a more complicated body, it's rarely a girl will cum. If she does, it's a very small amount. Extreme stimulation in the clitoris and vagina will help create more. If a women does cum, it will be more fluid, watery like.
"Ah shit! I think I'mma cum!"
"Ugh, I can't cum babe.".
by BrAcEs&BrOkEnCoNdOms January 03, 2012
The act of ejaculating semen, or orgasming.
"Oh g-d, I'm going to cum!"
by Escribe De Slam August 06, 2005
Warm, sticky whiteish goo that shoots from the end of a males weener, often swalled by:
1. Women
2. Batty Boys
I cummed all over that slut's nipples!
by Ant December 12, 2003
Sperm; vulgular
I'm going to lick your cum!
by DarkKnight September 21, 2003
Men's semen that i like to taste and swallow while I suck off about 3 other guys at once.
Just because I enjoy sucking guys dicks and tasting their cum, does that make me gay??
by icravedick November 21, 2005
When a male or female ejaculates during sexual intercouse
by asdfasdf March 19, 2003
liquid which comes "cums" forth from the penis, dick, or cock or when a women reaches orgasm she also cums!
o fuck im gonna cum you dirty bitch!
o fuck baby im gonna cum all over ur face!
by myc0ck4u September 12, 2008
1. Victory Juice!
2. The act of shooting Victory Juice

* may also be used with choice words such as guzzler to suggest sluttiness.
1. I fucked this chick the other night that made me cum on her tits
2. Those knockers are so huge i think i just cum(med) my pants!
by victory juicer February 23, 2006

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