One of the few words in the English language that is actually spelled the way it sounds.
Too bad that "cum" will never be a spelling bee word.
by Tikibarberfan February 08, 2010
the stuff that explodes out of a mans bell
oh shit!! i just sent my man chutney all over your face ....sweet
by TP September 17, 2003
Cum is the shit that ejects from a man's penis and then is splirged anywhere in his room!
Nick splirged all over his bed after he rubbed himself raw!
by Liza December 12, 2003
Sometimes when your (john thomas, the one eyed bandit)gets ill,he needs VIGOROUS excercise and fluids!!this may result in the vommiting of a hot sticky substance!John will feel much healthier and tingly as a result!:)

cum is produced in the monkey nuggets(bollocks)
geee golly john thomas!!why is your cum a funny colour? :S
by love monkey scott March 09, 2008
A stupider way of spelling come. Because white trash, thugs, and hoes think slang words are cooler spelled wrong.
"Cum all over my chin. Cum is so much sexier than come! erkkkk. That feels nice! We should get paid for this."
by modishlyhip July 06, 2012
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