A wonderful warm sticky substance that comes out of a dudes dick.
When I was sucking my boyfriends cock his cum got in my mouth.
by JT September 26, 2003
Verb: To have an orgasm produced by the friction of cock and pussy, hand, mouth or anus
Noun: The whitish, milk like fluid that is propelled from the tip of the cock during orgasm. This fluid also has a variety of tastes but has a unique musky, cum-specific odor readily identified by those who have smelled it.
My wife asked me if I was about to cum after a few minutes of pinching my cock at its base and moving her fingers up and down on the erect shaft. I shouted a response about why she asked the question and she said I was getting huge in her hand and she wanted to suck the cock as it came. That comment (and her skill) made me cum and she sucked down almost all the cum except for seed pearl like speck that landed in her eyelid and made her blink it away.
by neverdone December 24, 2007
Warm, sticky whiteish goo that shoots from the end of a males weener, often swalled by:
1. Women
2. Batty Boys
I cummed all over that slut's nipples!
by Ant December 12, 2003
liquid which comes "cums" forth from the penis, dick, or cock or when a women reaches orgasm she also cums!
o fuck im gonna cum you dirty bitch!
o fuck baby im gonna cum all over ur face!
by myc0ck4u September 12, 2008
1. Victory Juice!
2. The act of shooting Victory Juice

* may also be used with choice words such as guzzler to suggest sluttiness.
1. I fucked this chick the other night that made me cum on her tits
2. Those knockers are so huge i think i just cum(med) my pants!
by victory juicer February 23, 2006
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