A wonderful warm sticky substance that comes out of a dudes dick.
When I was sucking my boyfriends cock his cum got in my mouth.
by JT September 26, 2003
Cum, a slang word for sperm, is the clear liquid that men squirt after they reach the peak of pleasure. It contains babies. It can destroy lives if not carefully used.
Oh my dear sweet god, I came in her before I pulled out. (shoot in face)
by Kool aid April 05, 2005
A creamy white fluid which has been scientifically proven to improve a woman's complexion and also promotes rapid weight loss, but only if taken daily.
No honestly babe, cum is good for ya, I read that somewhere....now just swallow it will ya!!
by StreetsOfVaseline December 08, 2008
something all women should swallow after sex, as a gesture of kindness.
Guy #1: Why don't more women swallow cum?
Guy #2: I...I don't know! It only lasts a few seconds for them. We men have to endure eating women out for much longer, and they ain't always fresh and dandy down there!
Guy #1: You think too much.
Woman: What are you guys talking about?
Guy #1: Nothing, ma'am. Here are your french fries.
by corcan June 15, 2006
1) Ejaculatory fluid (male)
2) Vaginal fluid (female)
3) The act of having an orgasm
4) A slang word used in instant messaging, chat rooms, e-mails, ect. that is used as a shortened version of the word "come".
1) "Susie, you have cum around your mouth."
2) "Joe, slurp up my cum."
3) "I'm cumming, baby!"
4) susie, wanna cum ova 2 my place?
by Keels October 01, 2005
That white stuff that comes out of your penis when your jacking off
I just got cum all over my self!
by I'm jacking off September 07, 2003
a sticky substance which shoots out your penis like greased lightning.
David - O Bugga.... I Cummed on My Late Grandmothers Tv Control
by Joe Nazmdeh November 18, 2005
stuff guys spit out of there penis either in my mouth pussy or ass
he "came" sooooooooo much i overflowed and it went all over his brand new car seats
by tight April 11, 2004
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