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A tatoo that a girl gets on her lower back, so that when a man is doing her doggystyle, and wants to pull out to finish, he has something to aim for.
I laughed when I saw the girl at the tatoo parlor getting a cum target of a Ford Focus in that commercial!
by AC January 28, 2004
The ever popular tatoo so many women get above their ass crack.

Also can be abbreviated as (CT).
1) Check out that chick's cum target.
2) I'm gonna snap off a fat load on Kelly's CT tonight.
by bubblz January 03, 2005
For some strange reason, women began getting these really foolish tatoos on their lower back that usually are ugly and meaningless. Often these tatoos are seen on women over 35 that think it's "COOL". Usually any younger girls in the immediate area can be seen giggling at the washed up bimbo with the silly tatoo and bad dye job.

However these tatoos perform two separate but very important funcions:

1.- They provide a lot of work for tatoo artists.

2.- They provide a landing zone for the ever important cum-shot after good a doggy style pounding , hence the "Cum Target".
Karen- "Look, I got a new Tatoo above my ass!"

Jim- "What the hell did you do that for?"

Karen- "Well I dunno, I already forgot what the fucking thing looks like"

Jim- (unzipping pants) "Since you wasted all your money I might as well glaze your new cum target with my manlyhood.

by Benny the Chicken Killer February 19, 2007
A womans large breasts - breasts that you would love to shoot your load on after sexual activity
That Tania is so hot - she looks like she's got some great cum targets under that T-shirt!
by Breast-a-choo January 24, 2008
a girl who is loose or appears to be so. A girl who will have sex with anyone.
A female in the military, more specifcally the navy are nothing more than a cumtarget.
by swifty mcveay February 23, 2011
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