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female crack whore, that loves drinking cum for money.
Boquita is a cum sucking gutter slut.
by G. Jones October 03, 2006
an extremely slutty girl who sucks all of the cum out of any male cock she can find. this girl sucks so much dick she has no job and so she sleeps in her car, or gutter. in many cases the slut has STDs.
child- "what's that?"
mother- "why that is the rare cum-sucking gutter slut. don't touch it; it might be sick"
by i_love_giving_blowjobs July 06, 2010
A nasty bitch that will suck anything for drugs any where, time, shape, form, fashion............
That cum sucking gutter slut sucked the whole football team at the same dam time.
by HellYea2016 June 25, 2016
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