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The marsupial like pouch in a woman's abdomen used to store quarts upon quarts of man juice.
Check out the cum pouch on that chick.
by Paul B April 24, 2003
A large pouch adjacent to (or in front of) a woman's stomach that holds cum. Can have the effect of making a woman look slightly pregnant and confusing others.

Not easily recognizable, sometimes mistaken for an alien fetus or an unborn child, leading to awkward and/or disparaging remarks.

However, continued observation (9+ months) can rule out the latter, as the woman obviously isn't giving birth.
Michael: Check out the cum pouch on that girl over there!
Ashley: Jeez, man! I thought she was preggers!
Marie: You guys are SO wrong. That is such an alien fetus.
All three together: Well, which is it? *they ponder*
by classified_so_i_dont_die April 28, 2007
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