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A paper towel, tissue or toilet paper that is cummed into and then wadded up.
"Ew, I found one of your cum muffins on the floor of your room!"
by brett March 23, 2005
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A sexy young woman who frequently gets cum in her muffin.
Elissa is quite the cummuffin!
by Pat & Kelly O'Brian December 07, 2006
This game is usually played with 3 or more paticipants in any enviroment.

To play this game, first you must buy a muffin and hollow out the top to mid-center like a basin.

Next players "Circle jerk" into the muffin. Whoever is last to ejaculate into the muffin is the person who must eat the muffin, or they are bludgeoned by their friends.

Simply put, this game is "Last to beat it, eat it."
Did you hear about Nick downing that cum muffin? GROSS! I bet he liked it..

That Ryan kid came first, I think he's gay..

by *RENEGADE* April 29, 2008
Colloquial term for someone who has done something bad in the past and now the bad karma is catching up with them and punishing them. The punishment one recieves when they are 'getting their cummuffins' are as bad or worse as having to eat a muffin that has been ejaculated on. More severe and graphic version of come-uppins.
Adam: Why is Joe getting repeatedly kicked in the nuts by that guy?

Bill: Because he stole that guy's girlfriend, now he's getting his cummuffins.
by jeffburnaby April 29, 2009
A person who, when pricked with a pin, will begin to seep semen from the opening from which the pin came from. See pus balloon.

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