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An insult of epic proportion, used to describe only the most wretched of the gutter whore family. As the name ensues the said reciever of this insult is a TOTAL and UTTER fuck-up. It is a extraordinary comeback and will obliterate any insults the said reciever would have made a follow up with. For more words like this, see cock juggling thunder cunt
Chad: Hey shaun!

Shaun: What do you want you cock riding douche monster?

Chad: Your mom!

Shaun: You couldn't handle the thought of being in the same room as my mother you cum guzzling semen demon.

Erik: Holy shit! High five

Adam: Damn son! Chad just got anally penetrated.
by Adam hellyeah December 14, 2006
some one who guzzles semen at a rapid pace
dude i went out with this chick last night and she was a cum guzzling semen demon!
by nick hund December 21, 2007
The evil semen demon lurking in Courtney Ladowski's vagina. It guzzles all the cum it can find. Can be used to as an adj. if someone of the female species is being a bitch.
Dude she's such a cum guzzling semen demon.
by ThUnDeRkUnT69 June 19, 2009
Woman or man who gobbles down so much cum they become satan
"You fuckin cumguzzlingsemendemon"
by Coo guy with a phat cock October 29, 2014

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