a gay man or straight woman who after the male cums licks it up and swallows after savoring the flavor
Man ten bucks says kyle's a cum guzzler.

I found out that shes a cum guzzler
by 78896 September 15, 2007
Men who love to guzzle cum. also known as lance. or sweigen
i went to the grocery store to buy some milk and next to the meat section i saw a cum guzzler choking on a hotdog.
by foosball_712 February 01, 2010
Ricardo Vazquez
Damn Ricy can guzzle down that cum, hes a true cum guzzler
by hahawowyup202 February 09, 2009
1. Someone who is a slut/whore that likes into engage in oral sexual intercourse and upon the man's ejaculation drinks and or gargles the man's bodily fluids.

2. One who drinks sperm on a regular bases. Usually a woman or gay man.
Phyllis: So, you let him cum in your mouth?

Megan: Yes, and I swallowed it.

Phyllis: Wow, you are a fucking cum guzzler.
by Lauren Lilpipe December 18, 2008
One who drinks copious amounts of sperm whilst giving head.
Nicolette is a cum guzzler.
by JT90 August 21, 2008
a person that likes the taste of salty sperm, someone who swallows this alot,
People like shane the shit stain are cum guzzlers

he or she enjoy the thick salty taste of semen/ sperm

enjoying both male and females
by Channxo July 16, 2011
One that loves cum so much they guzzle gallons of it, usually some sort of whore as well. Also, a semen sucker, and baby juice drinker.
You: "That Iyonna sure is a whore."

Me: "Yeah, she's an original cum guzzler!"
by Jimmy from Degrassi July 11, 2010

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