A nasty bitch that is always on cock and enjoys swollowing the cum.
Damn, Chelcie is such a cum guzzler
by suckadickslut October 09, 2007
1. A person who swallows large amounts of cum, no matter who the person is they are getting the cum from.
2. A beast of a woman who wants nothing but the male sexual juice, aka Cum.
1.OHMAIGAWD.. Liz is such a cumguzzler.
2. guy: You want to swallow my what?
by Love_me_Deadly January 09, 2009
one who guzzles cum at a great extent
That bitch is one hell of a cumguzzler.
by ck17 February 19, 2009
One who is a slave to Men's bodies. One who exists to serve Men; male or female.
fs627167, 7172352425, cumhungry, cockhungry, cocksucker, fag, fagslave, paris, hilton, babe, cumguzzler, cum, guzzler, i am a cockhungry cum guzzler. Bitches and fags are cumguzzlers.
by fs627167 February 24, 2008
1.) one who guzzles down semen via esophogus upon its releasal from one's penis.
2.) person who enjoys the feel and taste of another's erect penis in their mouth.
Zwick guzzles down the gay kid with the speech impedement's cum in the back seat of his red Monte Carlo. Zwick is formally known as a cum guzzler.
by Dr. Phillup Magix January 23, 2008
a person, usually a girl, who enjoys sucking a man's dick until it "blows a load", and then gargling the "mayonaise" that spurts forth...
Justin is such a cum guzzler, he gargles it until it erupts out of his mouth through his teeth.
by awesome2 April 18, 2008
cum guzzler is a term for one who ingulfs its throat with cum and guzzles down the semon
patrick don't be a cum guzzler
by arien and jamie February 29, 2008

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