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to swallow copious amounts of sticky manseed, warm and straight from the source(s) or cold for the benefit of a camera
that bitch can cum guzzle like someone opened a huge drain at the bottom of Niagara Falls that doesn't let a drop go
by Prof Chaos August 29, 2006
A noun often yelled by an angry Frisbee toward the innocent residents of Tower B room 609. The words origin is presently unknown and its meaning is somewhat debatable. Depending on the intoxication of said Frisbee the noun/verb in question can be molded to fit almost any situation. Cum Guzzle is often used as a a derogatory term used to describe someone being a faggot, partaking in faggotry, or idly sitting doing homework.
Hey you Cum Guzzle, if I make this putt I win - Irate Frisbee
by Tb6 April 17, 2011