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when a girl develops a beer belly from drinking so much semen.
-her belly was starting to look bulbous from drinking cum all the time, she obvious had a cum gut

-you can tell she guzzles cum, just look at that bulging cum gut
by great lisa July 05, 2006
A person (usually female) who swallows extreme amounts of seimen and devolops a stomach that resembles that of a beer gut.
Dude your girlfriend has swallowed so many loads shes getting a huge cum gut.
by AJ Dahlke December 11, 2005
1. the little "pooch" that some women have, usually from consuming too much sperm.

2. the perfect stomach to bust a nut on.
1. that chick is kinda chunky man.
nah, she's just got a cumgut.

2. dood, that chick is gotta major flat stomach man. awesome cumgut!
by trickflip May 01, 2005
someone who eats cum
hey, what are you doing cumguts
by badcredit January 09, 2009
Indigestion caused by too much drinking of semen
My dad gives me cum guts
by Dirty Dad June 05, 2005
It is most like a jiggly stomach that when the person walks the dimply stomach will shimmer as though it is a bag full of cum. Mostly seen on women who have guts as fat men generally have hard guts.
Whoa, look at her cum guts!
by Frobt October 08, 2014

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