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The somewhat mind boggeling confusing which overcomes a woman where she recieves, on her face, several bursts of seminal fluid from multiple angles, resulting in a temporary "dementia" like state accompanied by a bewildering facial expression.
... Dude, me Mike and the boy's went all bukake on this drunk hoe's ass last night after the club. That bitch was totally cumflustered
by the-t-o-dubdizzle April 22, 2011
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When you get poured on with a load of cum all over your body.
Kratos: i went over to Nicky's house and believe it or not i like got soooo cum flustered by Tony.

Shadez: really, cause i dont care you dirtymuthafuka.

Nicky: not this story again...
by Shadez-Entertainment March 24, 2010
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