A womens Vagina, or a mans anal hole. A a normal, regulary used place for cum, alot of it.
Every one laughed at her for sleeping with eveyr boy in shcool, "what a cum-dumpster." Said billy
by I guess I'd be the Kait October 15, 2007
A person, male or female who gets semen ejaculated inside their body. Almost always a term used to make fun of someone, like calling someone a "cock sucker"

Or it could be used in the sense of calling someone a whore.
Sally pooped on my bike, what a cum dumpster
by Deicidechick May 05, 2007
(noun) A person that simply gets cummed on, cummed in, eats and drinks cum, sleeps cum, dreams cum, breathes cum, draws pictures of cum, watches cum sail away into the horizon, writes love letters cum on scented paper, and drowns her(him) self cum on a daily bassis.
That dude with the horse cock unloaded on that cumdumpster.
by lustigchen May 20, 2014
Any place where a lot of cum ends up. A funny and alternative way to call someone a whore. A part of a body that touches cum of often.
Definition 1

Boy 1: My room is so dirty cuz all the fappin i have been doin lately. My pillow and webkinz are like a cum dumpster now.
Boy 2: Thats fucked up.

Definition 2

Boy 1: Dude, that girl slept with 5 guys last night.
Boy 2: Woah! She is a cum dumpster!

Definition 3

Boy 1: She sucks dick every night bro.
Boy 2: She got a cum dumpster for a mouth.
by DumpinCum January 28, 2014
cum dumpster is when one has an unusually excessive amount of semin in his/her's mouth, vagina or anal cavity. This person usually has their legs at an obtuse angle. usually open monday through saturday and is generally free to the public. GROSS GIRL/GUY!!!
eww... that nicole chick is such a cum dumpster!! NASTY WHORE!
by ewyournasty123 December 06, 2011
Synonym for whore. A woman who is sexually active, contains innumerable STD's, infertile, and lets the opposite sex cum inside of whatever hole they please.
"Dude, I came all in her mouth last night."

"Wow, what a cum-dumpster."

whore angry pirate donkey punch rusty trombone
by DirtyJWoods September 19, 2011
Commonly used for a whore or skank who loves to swollow cum (a.k.a jizz sperm)
Dude, that Tyler is SUCH a cumdumpster....

I know.

Just like that fag Ethan.

He is such a cock sucker.
(define cock sucker)
by HUntER&sARAh April 04, 2010

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