One whom enjoys all bodily openings to be filled with massive amounts of male ejaculate especially when its from random men (since it makes them feel more slutty).
My girlfriend is a total cum dumpster. I need to find a new one.
by bubba pookie March 02, 2010
A slutty ho who takes it up the ass at 14 and allows her partner to finish on her back, if she is not asleep.
Chloe is a fucking cum dumpster, she's got more clap than my mix tapes encore.
by UnholySociopath June 03, 2015
A Cum Dumpster is a woman or group of that only serve society by playing a key role of removing cum from the environment. This can be done by anal, vaginal, oral, ear, belly button, hand (as long as hand is then licked afterwards) intercourse. This does not apply to gays because gays do not exist, they are a government conspiracy. See Jenna Jameson.
Jeff was tired of useing lotion and his gym sock, so he called neighborhood whore Liz Smith who is a well known Cum Dumpster.
by Mfbigtaylor March 22, 2007
A woman who engages in an unprotected gangbang and takes multiple ejaculations of semen into any one or more of her orifices (anus, vagina, mouth)
4 of us gangbanged this cum dumpster last night... she took 4 loads in her pussy before we were through with her.
by ALSlut July 10, 2008
a girl who guzzles the cum. one who gets cum dumped in them by a cum dumptruck
oh god, she is the biggest cum dumpster i hav ever met. She guzzles the cum, fucking cum dumpster
by conceded whore November 21, 2004
a slut; some one who is used buy men to dump their cum
by TOTESMAGOTES222 September 19, 2010
A Slut who takes in multiple men one after the other without washing the coochie first. A Ho, A freak My Wife.
My wife is a Cum Dumpster.
by Demon Ray January 06, 2007
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