When a chick is sucking your cock and you notice insane amounts of jizz oozing out of her loose, overworked snatch. Because we are guys, we continue on face fucking her and dump the contents of our balls into said bitches gut.
Dude, really. Your mom is a filthy slut. I mean, she sucks a good dick and all but holy shit she's a total cum dumpster. How many guys do you think she fucked already today? I'm guessing by the amount of jizz i saw seeping out of her loose flappy twat and asshole, that she's been with 8 or 9 guys already today. Have a talk with her will ya?
by Dick driller July 24, 2010
An offensive and vile insult.

It suggests that the person at the recieving end of the insult has only one use - to be filled with semen, used as a garbage.
I hate so-and-so S/He is a cum dumpster.
by crayons September 01, 2004
1. A woman whos mouth is used by several men as a trash can for cum (sperm).

2. A woman with a slut reputation, as well as a good cocksucker reputation.

That girl is a great cumdumpster, I took her on after the other one was finished.
by DeanNJ March 20, 2007
a girl who is addicted 2 cum. its kind of like how every1 takes there garbage to the dumpster but in this situation all the guys dump their loads in the slut's vagina. she's usually extremely loose
b4 i met my gf chelsea, i slept w/ a loose cum dumpster named suzy
by Lapdog August 10, 2004
1. (n) A person that is used for sexual purposes and is known for simply being a receptacle for semen.

A "Cum Dumpster" may either enjoy this behavior or may be too stupid to understand that they are being used for this purpose (see: cum-dumbster). This behavior may coincide with those of a slut/skank/slore/skeeze/whore.

Alternate spellings include "cum-dumpster", "cumdumpster", and "Bobbi Starr"
Guy #1: "Holy shit, last night Angie gave damn near everyone at the party blowjobs. I think every guy there wound up blowing his load in her mouth."

Guy #2: "Christ, what a Cum Dumpster."
by phroot August 21, 2008
1. A young woman who is such a whore that she will fuck anyone and everyone and everywhere she can whenever she can, even on a fresh grave.
2. she also enjoys swallowing semen
guy 1. dude you fucked that stephanie lebar chick last night?

guy 2. yeah

guy 1. man that girl is such a cumdumpster you better get your shit checked out.

guy 2. fuck!!!
by mermaid_face August 20, 2009
One, usually female, although not necessarily, who is a receptacle for semen.
Look at Michelle, she's just a filthy cumdumpster!!!
by Aunt/Aunteater January 14, 2004

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