A man who serves as a cum receptacle for other men's love juice. A man who is used thrown out and kicked to the curb after being ass fucked and gobbling jizz. Or a name for an ugly unnatractive person who looks like they done been hit by the ugly stick one too many times.
1.Vitale is such a cum dumpster for other men's sperm.

2.Vitale is Michael's Cum receptacle. He sucks the juice right out of his balls and is then thrown to the wayside.
by CumeaterReh December 06, 2007
Bitch who loves to fuck
Damn you hooked up wit that cum dumpster again, boy you bout to catch the clap.
by badasswhiteboy May 06, 2003
aka; a girl named Sarah.

a girl who has been injected with a LOT of semen.
either orally, analy, or vaginally.
person 1: omg that girl is such a sarah!
person 2: what's a sarah?
person 1: y'know, a cum dumpster
person 2: oh yeah. sarah is a huge cum dumpster
by babybuttholes August 22, 2012
cum dumpster is when one has an unusually excessive amount of semin in his/her's mouth, vagina or anal cavity. This person usually has their legs at an obtuse angle. usually open monday through saturday and is generally free to the public. GROSS GIRL/GUY!!!
eww... that nicole chick is such a cum dumpster!! NASTY WHORE!
by ewyournasty123 December 06, 2011
Synonym for whore. A woman who is sexually active, contains innumerable STD's, infertile, and lets the opposite sex cum inside of whatever hole they please.
"Dude, I came all in her mouth last night."

"Wow, what a cum-dumpster."

whore angry pirate donkey punch rusty trombone
by DirtyJWoods September 19, 2011
Commonly used for a whore or skank who loves to swollow cum (a.k.a jizz sperm)
Dude, that Tyler is SUCH a cumdumpster....

I know.

Just like that fag Ethan.

He is such a cock sucker.
(define cock sucker)
by HUntER&sARAh April 04, 2010
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