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aka; a girl named Sarah.

a girl who has been injected with a LOT of semen.
either orally, analy, or vaginally.
person 1: omg that girl is such a sarah!
person 2: what's a sarah?
person 1: y'know, a cum dumpster
person 2: oh yeah. sarah is a huge cum dumpster
by babybuttholes August 22, 2012
cum dumpster is when one has an unusually excessive amount of semin in his/her's mouth, vagina or anal cavity. This person usually has their legs at an obtuse angle. usually open monday through saturday and is generally free to the public. GROSS GIRL/GUY!!!
eww... that nicole chick is such a cum dumpster!! NASTY WHORE!
by ewyournasty123 December 06, 2011
Synonym for whore. A woman who is sexually active, contains innumerable STD's, infertile, and lets the opposite sex cum inside of whatever hole they please.
"Dude, I came all in her mouth last night."

"Wow, what a cum-dumpster."

whore angry pirate donkey punch rusty trombone
by DirtyJWoods September 19, 2011
Someone who has been used and abused by many males. Who served the male population as a dumpster for cum. A sluttly woman who doesnt care what men she sucks off and swallows.
Montana sucked and fucked so many men without a condom she was a total cum dumpster.
by Merrideth February 01, 2010
one who takes in manny gallions of seamen anytime of the day
my ex-girlfriend took everyones cum besides mine. what a cum dumpster
by poopin a bag fag July 12, 2009
a person or object that frequently receives male semen somewhere on the body or object. also refers one who enjoys the act of gargling jizz.
Chuck: Kevin, you have got to stop being a cum dumpster and letting guys cum on your face. You're not the same person anymore.
Kevin: You don't understand. I like it. I don't want to stop because it makes me happy.
Chuck:Well, atleast wipe your mouth.
by eating contest champion May 03, 2009
A Ho who goes out with numerous people consecutively.
"That Carissa girl is such a fucking Cum dumpster"
by Scaredsox November 08, 2008