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The awkward pee males take after busting a nut due to the fact that there is still, maybe, just a dabble of spunk left in the chamber. Aiming must be precise in order to get the peepee in the potty. Pee may also come out in a spray, V shaped, or possibility of a drip or six on the feet. (Warning: Slight stinging may occurr!)
DAMN! I just pissed on the floor due to my cum dam! Do I mop it, use toilet paper, or leave it? Oh fuck it. Wasn't that much! RIGHT!!!!!!
by Droops June 14, 2008
A synonymous term for condom. The term emphasizes that the sperm's flow is stopped and will not falter unless the 'Dam' is broken.
Alan-Dean " Dude! I'm scared that I might have gotten Beky Pregnant!"
Ray" Why? What happened man? Did your Cum Dam Break?"
by Daravouchi November 26, 2013