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an exceptionally stupid stump of a person, a human speed bump
"Did you see that moron cum clot walk out in front of oncoming rush hour traffic?"
by tah-dard! September 22, 2011
What you get when you don't piss for a while after sex. Sometimes results in a little bleeding.
Damn, I fucked this skanky ho and a few hours later I tried to piss, but I had painful cum clots that hurt like a bastard.
by Steve (from near Denver) January 21, 2006
The act of cumming without the cum.

When one's cum is clogged in the shaft of the penis causing a very painful ejaculation in dribbles.
BRIANS MOM: I ask you to cum over my face!
BRIAN: Sorry Mom I had a cumclot!
BRIANS MOM: You useless son of a bitch!


by Little Missy Licky November 24, 2007
A clot comprised of manky ejaculate.

Can also be used as an insult.
Neil found that the money shot he was saving up for was blocked by a cumclot.


Neil is such a cumclot
by Nick-B September 13, 2007
not being able to cum on the 2nd or 3rd time.
holy shit i have been beatin for a while and nothin is cummin out. I must have a cum clot.
by Lancerbean March 13, 2004