The area where the neck meets the sternum.
I was titty fucking her and I jizzed in her cum catcher!
by Gus Schultz March 04, 2008
Top Definition
Noun: Tattoo located on the lower back.
"Look at that cum catcher tribal!"
by xyx April 05, 2005
1. Noun Offensive: The mouth of an individual who gives or is expected to give a blowjob.

2. Noun: Offensive/Devaluing phrase for a male's significant other (of either sex).
1. Shut your cum catcher and listen already!

2. Why don't you be a good little cum catcher and get me a beer.
by InaGoddessEye December 29, 2004
A woman's mouth (if she's a talkative whore)
Tell that bitch to shut her cumcatcher!
by Hanz Von Steiner March 15, 2005
1) A tattoo on the lower back of a female. Called a cum catcher because the lower back is where a male ejaculates on a female after pulling out after doggy style sex. Refers to the belief that girls with lower back tattoos are promiscuous.

2) A mustache (can also refer to a goatee). Cum catcher implies that the man gives oral sex to other men, thereby catching cum around his mouth.
1) "Look at the cum catcher on that girl sitting at the bar! Might as well be a bullseye!"

2) "Dude, please shave. You look like one of the Village People with that cum catcher."
by Brad, from the great state of February 05, 2008
n. Semen Receiver

You can call a woman that to piss feminists off or get their attention.
1. You wanna piss off a feminist?
Call her a cum-catcher

2. Well... let's not do it then.
by Anne_1Lynn July 25, 2005
See whore. A woman who will put out every time. A lame fuck in bed. An easy biatch.
Shirley was a low down cumcatcher. She fucked the entire fraternity.
by pkjones_homie April 09, 2003
A slang term for a woman. Considered by many (mostly women) to be a derogatory term used by people (usually men) to suggest a particular woman enjoys the practice of having men ejaculating semen into and onto various parts of her body.
"She's a real fucking cum catcher..."

"Here it comes, you fucking cum catcher!"
by The Gonzo Lecture March 03, 2010
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