a girl who got a mouth full of cum,swollowed and burped a bubble of cum .
omfg, amanda did u see desirea burp out a cum bubble?
by that1girlwiththeface December 06, 2009
The act of a guy cuming on his significant others lips and her blowing bubbles
That bitch made cum bubbles after i was done with her.


she didn't want to swallow
by brinkz2000 May 14, 2009
When her ass is full of cum and she farts resulting in cum bubbles.
" Jenny got her ass filled up with cum but when she farted she blew cum bubbles like a festering mud pool "

" he fucked me in the ass! I was blowing cum bubbles all day after that"
by Zipster_77 May 27, 2014
During anal sex, a cum bubble is produced when a male ejaculates into the rectum of his partner. Since it feels like flatulence, which is essentially a bubble of gas in the rectum, it was thus named.
Goo! You gave me a cum bubble!
by MayokeOni October 27, 2003
Bubble of encrusted semen. Or Bill O'Reilly.
Bill O'Reilly is a cumbubble who can't get his facts straight.
by Dr. Cynical January 07, 2013
When your dick hole inhales air allowing the man to push out, similar to that of a fart, and whilst ejaculating actually blow bubbles from the penis
Stuart: Man i just blew white bubbles from my cock!

Andrew: Yeah man, ive done it before... its called a cum bubble!!!
by grantjohnson June 01, 2010
Its a bubble of cum on the end of the dick after ejaculating
Man: *cums*
Girl: omg you've got a cum bubble on the end of your dick!
Man: AWESOME! take a photo
Girl: YUK
by TinkerWhore May 20, 2009

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