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When a man has sexual intercourse with a baguette, then removes the baguette off his cock and adds the usual condiments and has it as a wholesome lunch, dinner or brunch. {NOT A BREAKFAST FOOD}
A; I ran out of things to eat yesterday..
B; and...
A; so I had a cum baguette
B; Oh yeah, I luv cum baguettes
A; I like cheez
B; I do not
A; So did you watch 'Hot Hookers' last night?
B; Nah, I just had a cheez cum baguette (which I don't like) and consoled my self to sleep.
A; I like cheez
B; But I did tape Hot Hookers and I plan to watch it tonight. I might have a cum baguette from the reapings.
A; I do like a good cum baguette
B; As do I, without the cheez.
A; I like cheez..
A; And cum baguettes
B; I just like cum baguettes
A; Well you're just an anti-cheezite
B; That was a bad spoonerism
A; But I do like a good cum baguette
B; Well I'll see you tomorrow
A; Yeah
B; Cum baguette you later
A; Yeah, right back at you bra
B; So I'll ring you
A; Yeah, right after I have my cum baguette for breakfast
B; HEY, you can't have a cum baguette for breakfast
A; Why not?
B; Coz it ain't a breakfast food
A; I guess not, I'll just have a piece of cum toast instead
B; That's disgusting

by Gohn Gardenza January 25, 2008
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