a notorious gang of Newport Beach kids ages 14-18, who usually fixie, or ride skateboards and be, what they call"badass", Most of these kids are pretty popular around there school (Corona del Mar High, and hang out with people who share the same interests.
Alicia- "hey did you hear? grant paeks in some gang"

Kiyana-"oh yeah, he's a culture vulture"
by Yah I Go To Ur School April 29, 2009
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Someone who steals traits, language and/or fashion from another ethnic or social group in order to create their own identity.
Todd just bought himself a Fubu track suit and changed his name to Tyrone. He is such a culture vulture!
by shaniqua2 December 27, 2006
A scavenger, circling the media, looking for scraps of originality to add to their conceit. They sport eclectic styles and tastes, always recognisable as having been borrowed without adaption or refinement from elsewhere.
David Bowie is probably the best example of a successful culture vulture.

That website was put together by a Culture Vulture
by Container October 07, 2003
A person who loves art, music, movies, and dance, and all forms of culture so much that they consume whatever they find, whether or not it's any good. Like birds that scavenge by the roadside, culture-vultures feast on art wherever they find it. They will listen to Mozart in the concert hall or the punk in a club; their clothes are as likely to come from the thrift store as they are a boutique shop; they have Architecture Digest on the coffee table while they watch MTV Cribs. They consult the Oxford English Dictionary but double-check the Urban Dictionary. Culture vultures are especially good at talking about low art and culture with the same insight and intelligence as high art.
While I have always preferred the later symphonies of Beethoven to that infernal racket they play across the hall, when Liz came over, she explained that Beethoven was "giving the finger to the man" just like punk. It wasn't my first clue that she was a culture-vulture. On our second date, she wanted to show me some graffiti across the street from the museum where we saw the Surrealist drawings. We stopped to get a hot dog but she insisted on putting her own Dijon mustard on it, which she pulled out of her knockoff Gucci bag as though it were no big deal. Culture vulture, indeed!
by pseudo-nympho November 13, 2013
Someone who is extremely interested in classical forms of art. Their tastes are considered high brow, possibly to the point of annoyance.
I can't get her to do anything normal for fun, man. She acts like summer blockbusters and video games are beneath her, and only likes the old dead stuff - symphony, opera, museums. She's a total culture vulture.
by Notbot March 24, 2010

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