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Toffs call it social climbing. Depending on the person's attitude and background you can work out if they are just under confident (which makes them ok), a self absorbed dick-head (bad) or a whining neurotic (v bad). These people are usually peer-pressured, inexperienced in life, and think they don't fit in. Solution: get the knowledge about how to be cool, but don't think on it too much. BE cool, not ACT cool. There's a difference. And be part of the crowd, but don't think like the crowd. NB: being popular doesn't involve being a social climber, unless your peergroup are childish twats.
teenage whining neurotic A: I wish I were cooler like Ben. Ben wears Nike, I'm going to plaster my face and back and room with Nike.

teenage awesome dude B: Meh, don't be culturally ambitious, but I get you.

teenage dick-head A: I want to ditch you, move on to these new cool guys so I'm going to change everything about my style to fit in.

teenage awesome dude B: if you want to ADD to your personality and ADD friends, fine, but if you're trade up? fuck you
by don'tbeatwatnow June 29, 2012
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